Bedford hotel sponsors female boxing champ Laura Pagliaro

Bedford’s only female amateur boxer Laura Pagliaro is now being sponsored by the popular Woodland Manor Hotel & Restaurant.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 23rd September 2019, 11:40 am

Laura Pagliaro began by learning Muay Thai Boxing as a teenager before turning to Queensbury Rules.

So far she has won bronze medals in two National Championships in 2017 and 2018, plus gold at both the 2018 Haringey Box Cup and this year’s East Midlands Box Cup.

Raj Regmi, managing director of Woodland Manor’s parent company Meadow Brown Restaurants, explained why they are supporting her career.

He said: “Laura loves boxing, it’s in her veins, but she doesn’t receive any government funding or support from any boxing organisation.

“She is so dedicated and passionate about the sport she adores and this really rung true with me, this is how I run my businesses – going one step further to deliver the best results.”

Laura said: “I hold down my training alongside my day job of being a self-employed personal trainer and running ladies-only boxing fitness classes. It can get quite tiring!

“Having sponsorship from Raj at Woodland Manor Hotel means several things. Firstly – it is having somebody who has said that he believes in me and he wants to support me. To have that support is priceless especially during the darker times of training or a weight drop when things can sometimes feel difficult and daunting.

“Having financial help and support also means that when I need to really train hard, I have space to also rest. It can be difficult to find a work – boxing balance, not burning out through physical exertion but effectively juggling a business and training.

“Sponsorship to me also means being recognised as relevant as a female in the sport. As the first woman from Bedford to have competed at these championship levels, it means so much to be able to spread the word and encourage other girls and ladies not only to try boxing, but also to chase their dreams and to never give up on the things that they are passionate about.”