Beds Road riders tackle National Sprint Triathlon

LAST Sunday saw a group of Beds Road Cycling Club athletes tackle the National Sprint Triathlon Championships at Emberton Park near Olney.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 30th May 2012, 11:25 am

Phil Holland and Richard Piron both made the podium achieving silver and bronze in their age groups respectively, both qualifying to represent Great Britain at the World Age Group Sprint Triathlon Championships.

Steve McKeown will join Holland and Piron at the World Championships through finishing fourth in his age group, narrowly missing out on the podium by 2 seconds. Jason Moore, Stephen Morales, Leigh Pilgrim, Gary Moore and Andy Purdy also had good races.

Rosie Dunbar took another win in the Team Keyne Youth Challenge this time winning the U8s time trial, Rosie was joined on the podium by Charlotte Course and brother Ben Dunbar who both finished third in their age groups. Sophie Course and brother Oliver both raced hard in their time trial debuts.

Mark Gray took advantage of the warm conditions and set a new personal best of 22.51 mins, taking 17th place in the process at Chronos RT’s 10 mile open time trial on the A428 just west of Cambridge. Mike Bannister also rode, setting a good time on his road bike.

Tim Davies made it three in a row taking the win at the latest round of the club’s Evening League time trial competiion. Emily Robertson took her first win in the ladies category, with Isaac Anstee continued his run of good form taking the Juniors win. It was a good night all round with many riders setting course bests for the 11.3 mile circuit.

Beds Road riders took 5 spots in the top 10 at Hitchin Nomads Briercliffe 10 mile time trial at Southill. Graham Laming took 2nd, closely followed by Peter Gell in 5th, with Mick Case, Bob Wright and Jaouade Izzo taking 7th, 8th and 9th.

National Sprint Triathlon Championships: 9. Phil Holland, 1.00.15 hours; 16. Steve McKeown, 1.00.51; 41. Jason Moore, 1.03.14; 135. Stephen Morales, 1.06.44; 310. Richard Piron, 1.13.17; 383. Leigh Pilgrim, 1.16.06; 4.15. Gary Moore, 1.17.31; 519. Andy Purdy, 1.21.33.

Chronos RT 10 mile Time Trial: 17. Mark Gray, 22.51 mins; 54. Mike Bannister, 27.58.

Bedfordshire Road CC Evening League Time Trial Round 4 - 11.3 miles: 1. Tim Davies, Icknield R C, 25.56mins; 2. James Stewart, Bedfordshire Road CC, 26.22; 3. Stephen Harrison, No club, 27.06; 4. Jon Friend, Bedfordshire Road CC, 27.28; 5. Mark Gray, Bedfordshire Road CC, 27.38; 6. Philip Odell, Bedfordshire Road CC, 27.44; 7. Charlie Palmer, Bedford Traktors, 27.47; 8. Thomas Robb, Bedfordshire Road CC, 28.08; 9. Peter Gell, Bedfordshire Road CC, 28.12; 10. Matt Chudley, I-Cycle, 28.14; 11. Mark Anstee, Bedfordshire Road CC, 28.19; 12. Jason Lake, Bedfordshire Road CC, 28.33; 13. Gavin Roberts, Bedfordshire Road CC, 28.35; 14. David Olney, Bedfordshire Road CC, 28.51; 15. Paul Carr, I-Cycle, 29.09; 16. Alan Crane, Chronos RT, 29.11; 17. Stephen Morales, Bedfordshire Road CC, 29.21; 18. John Mitcalf, Bedfordshire Road CC, 29.51; 19. Emily Robertson, Bedfordshire Road CC, 30.06; =19. Simon North, Bedford Harriers, 30.06.

21. Mick Case, Bedfordshire Road CC, 30.09; 22. Richard Pratt, I-Cycle, 30.16; 23. Rachel Armstrong, Bedfordshire Road CC, 30.34; 24. Richard Piron, Bedfordshire Road CC, 30.35; 25. Isaac Anstee, Bedfordshire Road CC, 30.51; 26. Joshua Roberts, Bedfordshire Road CC, 31.06; 27. John Risby, Team MK, 31.15; 28. Andy Kerr, Bedfordshire Road CC, 31.16; 29. Geoff Hicks, Bedfordshire Road CC, 31.29; 30. Jenni Lake, I-Cycle, 31.33; =30. Vic Ulfik, Bedfordshire Road CC, 31.33; 32. Michael King, Bedfordshire Road CC, 31.42; 33. Andy Purdy, Bedfordshire Road CC, 31.44; 34. Richard Hollingsworth, I-Cycle, 31.53; 35. Sam James, Bedfordshire Road CC, 32.09; 36. Jon Clark, Bedfordshire Road CC, 32.28; 37. Andy Branch, Bedfordshire Road CC, 32.39; 38. Michael Bannister, Bedfordshire Road CC, 32.44; 39. Stuart Brown, I-Cycle, 32.59; 40. Caroline Dickens, Team MK, 33.02.

41. Martin Godin, Come & Try It!, 33.15; 42. Craig Austin, Olney Multisport, 33.22; =42. Jon Roots, Bedfordshire Road CC, 33.22; 44. Leigh Pilgrim, Bedfordshire Road CC, 33.27; 45. Angie Kay, Bedfordshire Road CC, 33.31; 46. Steven Turner, Bedford Harriers, 33.36; 47. Alan Stockton, Bedfordshire Road CC, 34.04; 48. Rob Page, Bedfordshire Road CC, 35.26; =48. Des Roberts, Bedfordshire Road CC, 35.26; 50. Paul Newton, Team MK, 36.32; 51. Phil Bierton, Bedfordshire Road CC, 37.41; 52. Terry Sykes, Bedfordshire Road CC, 38.34; 53. Kevin Hearne, Bedfordshire Road CC, 39.41; 54. Jan Laming, Bedfordshire Road CC, 40.24; 55. Dave Crane, Chronos RT, 40.37.

Hitchin Nomads, Briercliffe 10 mile Time Trial: 2. Graham Laming, 24.22 mins; 5. Peter Gell, 25.45; 7. Mick Case, 26.49; 8. Bob Wright, 27.11; 9. Jaouade Izzo, 27.28.