WATCH: video shows youths flipping car on to its side and running from the scene

This shocking video shows a group youths flipping a small car on to its side and smashing the driver's window before running away laughing.

Glass can be seen flying everywhere as the car hits the ground and the four run away from the scene.

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The footage was taken by Liam Fairbanks who had seen the group try to flip the small Peugeot a few minutes earlier before attempting it a second time and succeeding.

The four can be seen trying to lift the car - which was parked on a pavement - from underneath before one of them pushes their foot against a wall to give it a final shove on to its side.

Mr Fairbanks, 22, said: "I witnessed them try it a few minutes earlier but they didn't manage to do it so when they came back a second time a couple of us got our phones out and started to film it."

The incident happened on Tuesday in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

Mr Fairbanks, an electrician, added: "I never saw the owner come back but my friend went past ten minutes later and it was back on all four wheels.

"I've no idea why it's been done but I had no intention of intervening."

Lancashire Police have been contacted for comment.