These are the top parenting surprises for new parents.

By Floriane Laroche
Thursday, 27th May 2021, 12:09 pm

new parenting research that reveals the most surprising and irritating aspects of early parenthood. These include a lack of time, constantly worrying, being compared to others, and not being prepared for nappy rash.

The survey amongst 1,000 parents of babies aged 0-2, showed the biggest parenthood surprises are:

Nearly half (43%) say they are constantly busy but feel like they never get anything done
Over a third (39%) of mums are surprised ‘mum brain’ is real

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    36% say they constantly check on their baby while they’re asleep
    36% are in constant fear of ‘getting it wrong’
    A third (33%) are not able to find the time to have a shower by themselves and 23% go out without taking one
    29% say they have less time to spend/be intimate with their partner
    Nappy rash was voted as one of the top three ‘pain in the bum’ baby ailments, yet 1 in 2 did not receive information on how to look after it

    Biggest pains

    Parents also shared their biggest ‘pain in the bum’ moments. Almost half (49%) said it was being woken up in the middle of the night, a quarter (26%) said it was when their baby had a poo-nami when they were out and about, a fifth (21%) said it was when their baby was sick on themselves after an outfit change, and a fifth (21%) said it was discovering their baby had nappy rash.

    Competitive or interfering parents were the cause of other ‘pain in the bum’ moments. These included: parents diagnosing your baby (41%) e.g. they must be tired or hungry, parents comparing your baby to other babies (36%), other parents sharing unwanted advice (37%) and other parents showing their ‘perfect’ baby on social media (27%),

    When it comes to baby ailments, the top three ‘pain in the bums’ are: teething (67%), nappy rash (39%) and colic (39%).

    Kate Ferdinand, celebrity and new mum said, “After I had Cree, it was a real adjustment for the both of us. Everything was so new, and you really don’t know what being a parent entails until you are in the thick of it. Even when Cree experienced something really common like nappy rash, it was daunting knowing what to do next. When it comes to nappy changing, it’s given me great peace of mind using WaterWipes® as they have now been clinically proven as the No.1 wipe against nappy rash, so I feel confident I’m doing the best for Cree’s skin.”

    Nappy rash

    WaterWipes® research also revealed a staggering 9 in 10 (88%) parents said their baby experienced nappy rash, yet only 1 in 2 had received information about it before they had their baby. When asked about how it made them feel, nearly half (48%) were worried their baby was in pain or distress and worried about their skin, and a fifth (22%) felt like a bad parent.

    GP expert and mum, Stephanie Ooi said: “Nappy rash is extremely common, so if your baby experiences it – try not to feel guilty. I know that when juggling little sleep and a demanding baby, experiencing nappy rash can leave you feeling guilty, upset and frustrated. Not surprisingly, the WaterWipes® research shows that 29% of parents felt upset when their baby had nappy rash, and 27% felt guilty. As a mum and GP this is completely normal, and I’ve felt the same too. I use WaterWipes to keep nappy rash at bay, but if you suspect your baby has nappy rash, there are a couple of signs to look out for. For example, their skin may appear red or sore, or be hot to touch. Some babies may even experience spots, pimples or blisters. If you’re concerned or need some advice, make sure you speak to your GP or health visitor.”

    Following a recent clinical study by the University of Salford, it was revealed that WaterWipes® are clinically proven to be the No.1 wipe against nappy rash.

    Jill Sommerville, Director of Global Medical fromWaterWipes® said, “As a company we recognise the many challenges that parents face and know they can feel unprepared when it comes to parenthood. That is why, we are delighted to let parents know WaterWipes® is clinically proven to be the No.1 wipe against nappy rash, effectively taking that worry away. Parents can now be confident that by selecting WaterWipes they are using wipes with minimal ingredients that can help protect against nappy rash. When your baby has nappy rash, we understand it can be an upsetting and distressing time. We are committed to providing parents with the best wipes to gently care for and protect their baby’s sensitive skin.”

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