These are the top 50 British exports

The top things to come out of Britain have been named as fish and chips, roast dinners – and David Attenborough.

A survey of 2,000 adults found the full English breakfast, the internet and Cadbury chocolate also finished high in the top 50 best British exports, alongside Cheddar cheese and William Shakespeare.

The Beatles and Queen completed the top 10.

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Several traditional British foods made their way into the top 50, with the sandwich, afternoon tea, crumpets and Marmite all ranking highly.

Classic British TV shows Top Gear, Downton Abbey and Doctor Who were also popular, as were public figures such as the Royal Family, Sir Stephen Hawking and David Bowie.

A host of British businesses also appeared in the list, including Marks & Spencer (M&S), Yorkshire Tea and Dyson, alongside car brands MINI, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin.

British pride

It also emerged that 82 per cent of Brits, polled by Santander UK, think some of the best things in the world have originated in Britain.

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And 79 per cent would like to see more British companies becoming successful overseas, with 85 per cent believing exports to be crucial to the future of the UK economy.

Santander UK head of international and transactional banking, John Carroll, said: “Britain has produced a wealth of successful exports over the years – from classic foods and businesses to TV shows and celebrities.

“As well as being a source of pride, putting us on the global map, UK exports play a significant role in the day-to-day success of British companies and their contribution to the economy back home.

“It’s important that we encourage and support more of our homegrown businesses to trade beyond the UK so we can grow this already impressive list of exports and help British businesses expand and flourish.”

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The study also polled 1,000 UK business owners and decision makers and found 48 per cent currently trade internationally, with 86 per cent of these companies reporting that overseas exports are critical to their business.

To boost their chance of success overseas, UK businesses increased their social media presence (30 per cent), advertised differently (29 per cent) or changed their pricing structure (29 per cent).

Others offered more products and services (29 per cent) or hired local staff (28 per cent).

The most common challenges they have encountered trading internationally are extra costs (31 per cent), shipping and transport costs (30 per cent) and language barriers (30 per cent).

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And 29 per cent have struggled to understand the rules and regulations involved.

Appetite for international trade

It also emerged that of those which don’t currently trade internationally, 41 per cent would like to in future.

However, two thirds of those (68 per cent) don’t currently have a plan in place to make this a reality.

John Carroll, from Santander UK, added: “It’s clear from the research that international trade can play a crucial role in helping businesses to emerge from the pandemic and get back to growth and with the right support and partners, these internationally trading businesses can thrive.”

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“Later this year, we will be launching a new online platform, where we will share our years of experience and knowledge in one place to help businesses with tailored support to find their way when expanding overseas.

“We’re here to help these businesses with support that goes beyond banking as they navigate the challenges.”

The UK business owners and decision makers also revealed their top tips for international trade success, including ensuring there is a market for your product (30 per cent) and making sure your UK business is thriving first (27 per cent).

Other tips include investing in market intelligence in the area you want to trade in (23 per cent), having a 'Plan B' (21 per cent) and hiring employees who speak the language of the countries you want to trade in (20 per cent).

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Inclusive clothing e-retailer Snag Group is a Scotland-based company that has made a real success of trading internationally – half of its sales come from overseas.

With the support of Santander UK, it has acquired a new warehouse to help meet growing demand.

Its founder and CEO, Brie Read, said: “My advice to UK companies considering taking their business international is that it may seem like a mammoth task but there’s so much fantastic help available to support you.

“Lots of research and an ‘all-hands-on deck’ approach are necessary, but it’s well worth knowing that your customers are benefiting.”

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The study, carried out via OnePoll, also found 58 per cent of business owners believe the ‘future is bright’ for British businesses operating internationally.

Of those, 45 per cent think the freedom from EU regulation will improve things, while 44 per cent put their optimism down to consumers wanting to support British businesses more.

Top 50 British exports

1.            Fish and chips

2.            Roast dinners

3.            Sir David Attenborough

4.            Full English breakfast

5.            The internet

6.            Cadbury chocolate

7.            Cheddar Cheese

8.            William Shakespeare

9.            The Beatles

10.          Queen

11.          James Bond

12.          BBC

13.          The sandwich

14.          Sir Stephen Hawking

15.          Afternoon tea

16.          The Royal Family

17.          Marks & Spencer (M&S)

18.          Rolls-Royce cars

19.          Sherlock Holmes

20.          David Bowie

21.          Aston Martin car

22.          Digestive biscuits

23.          Yorkshire Tea

24.          Crumpets

25.          Monty Python

26.          Kit Kat

27.          MINI cars

28.          The pasty

29.          Dyson vacuum cleaners

30.          Sir Elton John

31.          Rolling Stones

32.          Doctor Who

33.          Land Rover cars

34.          Marmite

35.          Bentley cars

36.          Ed Sheeran

37.          Tetley tea

38.          Sir Charlie Chaplin

39.          Dr Martens shoes

40.          Adele

41.          Dame Helen Mirren

42.          Downton Abbey

43.          George Michael

44.          Stan Laurel

45.          Triumph Motorcycles Ltd

46.          Twinings tea

47.          Sir Andy Murray

48.          Henry the Vacuum Cleaner

49.          Top Gear

50.          Spice Girls