McDonald's has invented candles that smell like burgers

By Rosalind Erskine
Wednesday, 26th February 2020, 4:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th February 2020, 4:20 pm

The smell of a McDonald's restaurant is a unique thing that often leads to cravings for a burger and fries. But the signature scent has now been bottled, with the fast food chain releasing a new range of six candles.

The company has released the collection of candles that, when burned all together, smell just like a Big Mac.

Individual scents include ketchup, pickles and 100 per cent beef, and have been launched to celebrate the Big Mac's (almost) 50th birthday.

A mixed reaction

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    As you can imagine, the candle collection has caused a stir online, with many people questioning the decision and the scents.

    A few people called for there to be a fries smell, to complement the Big Mac range.

    McDonald’s to sell limited edition six-pack of candles that smell like Quarter Pounder ingredients: Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion & Beef.

    — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) February 20, 2020

    Can I buy the candles?

    Unfortunately the candles are exclusively available in America via the McDonald's fan club website, meaning UK fans can only dream of a Big Mac scented home.