You can now buy Kinder Bueno ice creams – here’s where to find them

You can now buy Kinder Bueno ice creams – here’s where to find them
Kinder Bueno ice creams are now available to buy in the UK (Photo: Ocado)

It may not be summer just yet, but plenty of people will still be excited by the news that Kinder Bueno has launched its own range of ice cream.

Kinder unveiled a range of ice creams last year, although they were only available to buy in the likes of France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Now the tempting treats have finally landed in UK stores.

Kinder ice cream range

The Kinder ice cream range is now available to buy in UK supermarkets, with three tasty items on on offer – Kinder Bueno cones, Kinder ice cream sandwiches and Kinder ice cream sticks.

The cones are made with creamy hazelnut ice cream, with a filling of milk chocolate sauce, topped with a roasted hazelnut disk and chocolate pieces, and are available to buy in packs of four.

Alternatively, there’s the ice cream stick coated with milk chocolate, and the ice cream sandwich, comprising milk ice cream nestled between two biscuits made of five cereals.

Kinder delight

News the sweet treats have arrived in the UK has sparked delight from Kinder fans, with people taking to social media to express their excitement.

Where to buy them

According to the Instafoodietwins Instagram account, the ice creams are available to purchase at Asda for £4 per pack.


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Alternatively, the Kinder Bueno cones are also available on online from Ocado, for a price of £3.50 per pack.