Here’s when and where snow is forecast across the UK this week

Wintry weather conditions are set to continue in the UK this week, with temperatures dipping below freezing and snow in some areas.

Here’s the forecast for this week (4 to 10 Jan), including where ice, freezing fog and snow are expected to hit.

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This week’s forecast

Monday (4 Jan) will be cloudy and windy, with showers - some of which will be wintry - over some hills.

Monday evening will see showers in eastern and some central parts, which will be frequent and heavy at times in the south east, falling as snow over hills. There will be frost and ice inland with freezing fog patches in the north.

Tuesday (5 Jan) will be cold with further showers, with some being wintry over hills in central and eastern parts, and prolonged in the south-east. However, it will be drier further west, with some sunshine.

The Met Office UK outlook for Wednesday (6 Jan) to Friday (8 Jan) forecasts “wintry showers in the east Wednesday, rain and snow in the north-west later. Outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow moving southwards on Thursday. Wintry showers in the east on Friday.”

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What is the long-term weather forecast?

Heading further into January, the UK is set to see more wintry conditions, with sleet and snow expected to hit some areas.

The Met Office UK long range weather forecast for 8 to 17 January 2020 explains, “Some outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow are likely across central areas initially, with wintry showers also feeding in from the North Sea.

“Over the weekend conditions across the country are likely to turn more unsettled with cloud and patchy rain spreading east and temperatures recovering to near average for many, by this time the risk of sleet and snow will most likely become confined to the north of the country.”

The following week will see rather cold conditions re-establish nationwide, with northern and western areas also continuing to see frosts.

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