Young mum’s new home and fresh start goes up in smoke after suspected arson attack

Bedford house fire in Leighfield Close.
Bedford house fire in Leighfield Close.

A single mum, who spent months in a mother and baby hostel, has been left homeless again after suspected arsonists struck at her new home.

Bille was looking forward to a fresh start as she prepared to move into a housing association property this week with her two year old son.

But her dream of a proper home in Bedford has been shattered after a blaze, thought to have been started by crooks who broke in, has devastated the property.

The 22 year old had already moved much of her property into the Leighfields Close home including her tot’s clothes and toys.

She said: “They would have seen my son’s toy kitchen and his little cars, teddies and bricks and they have thrown it all over the place.

“They knew it belonged to a little boy or girl. It just breaks my heart, how could you do something like that?

“I have literally got two outfits and one pair of shoes.”

Firefighters were called to the house on Sunday night just before 11pm.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “The incident is being treated as suspicious and a fire investigation is taking place.”

He said 50 per cent of the property suffered fire damage and all of the house has been damaged by smoke.

Bille, who has requested that her full name is not published, had been living at a hostel since August before being allocated a home by bpha.

She had moved much of her belongings into the house before planning to move in with her son on Monday.

Bpha spokesman Julie Wittich said: “Our housing officer for this area is providing ongoing support to meet the different needs of the residents.

“We are reviewing housing options for Bille and we have emphasised the importance of taking out contents insurance to all of our residents.

“Due to the complexity of the fire, a full investigation will be completed in conjunction with the fire and rescue service. This will include the investigation of the smoke alarm in the property.”

The fire service is working alongside Bedfordshire Police.

Bille and her son are currently staying with her mother.