Writer and film maker gives illustrated talk with clips and readings

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

An illustrated talk being held this week will take an audience back to the early 1960s and the start of the cultural revolution.

Writer and film maker Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, who lives in Clophill, will talk about his career in books and films, and will be illustrated with films and readings.

Life Is Just . . by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

Life Is Just . . by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

The talk, entitled Life is Just... a Film Show, will be given at St Mary’s Church, Clophill, on Thursday, February 11, at 7.30pm.

Nigel said: “The event is focused around my recently published novel Life is Just... , which is set in Cambridge in 1962 and is semi-autobiographical.

“I will also show a clip of the first film I made while at film school, which features Syd Barrett the founder member of Pink Floyd.”

The films will include extracts from Syd Barrett’s First Trip, Donovan’s There is an Ocean, The Colours of Infinity with Arthur C Clarke and Pink Floyd, The Mysterious Michael A with Nicholas Jones, Nothing and Everywhere with Martin Shaw.

Extracts will be read from Nigel’s books, Nothing and Everywhere and Life is Just...

There will be musical accompaniment by Luke Howard on the cello and refreshments will be served.

Nigel added: “I will also show a fund-raising teaser for the feature film based on my novel Nothing and Everywhere. This film stars Martin Shaw.”

Admission is £5. For further details contact Heather Jarvis 860548 or Christine Fellini 861912.