World’s first drive-thru self service car showroom opens in Bedford

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Here’s the world’s first drive-thru car showroom where customers can buy a new set of wheels - using a SELF-SERVICE chip and pin machine.

The unsupervised, which works in the same way as supermarket scanners, allows motorists to buy vehicles worth up to £50,000.

It has been introduced by bosses at Imperial Car Supermarket in Bedford to make buying cars as easy as the “weekly big shop”.

Customers find their new car and complete the legal paperwork before driving it to the self-service checkout - called ‘The Fast Lane’ - which is inside the showroom.

They then type in their personal details on a digital screen before a scanner underneath the vehicle checks the model and price using a barcode on the underside of the car.

The driver then pays for the car with their card in a regular chip and pin device before driving off out of the store.

Neil Smith, Operations Director at Imperial Car Supermarket, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to make the experience of buying a car with us as convenient

and enjoyable as possible.

“Self-service checkouts have been around at supermarkets for years so now we’re all comfortable using them minus the odd ‘unexpected-item-in-bagging-area’ fiasco.”

On their website, the company adds: “Just like in your local supermarket, our customers can now process their new automotive purchase at a convenient self-service checkout, located within the showroom.

“Unsupervised and built specifically for quick and convenient payment, customers simply drive up to the pay-point, enter a few personal details and pay in one speedy step.”