Woman left in '˜squalor' council house in Lakes Estate

A woman whose council home has had rotting walls and mouldy curtains for almost three years believes the problems are now affecting her health.

Elaine Porter, 64, lives in Serpentine Court in the Lakes Estate, and has been making frequent complaints about the state of her home.

She said: “I have so much mould it’s untrue. The place stinks and attracts flies.

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“I keep falling ill and I think it must be something to do with the state of where I’m forced to live.

“I have pestered the council but whenever I try and get some answers they hang up on me, while I’m still paying full rent for this squalor.”

Elaine claims she made her first complaint about the state of the property in November 2013, and that the council have subsequently “fobbed her off” for nearly three years.

She added: “I’ve been in touch with loads of housing officers and invited them to come look at the damp, I even got in touch with Alan Webb who is a councillor for the Lakes Estate and he said he would help.

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“Some people from the council did come to stop a leak from upstairs, which is what they say caused the damp and mould, but since then they have been making excuses and haven’t helped me in any way.”

A spokesperson for Milton Keynes Council said: “The damp and mould came from a leak from the flat above and we have had problems gaining access to this flat.

“We apologise for any delay and will be visiting the resident, as well as sorting out the problem 

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