Why shopping can be a source of stress

Women are meant to be the experts at shopping – but new research shows the whole experience leaves them flustered and stressed.

The surprise findings emerged in a study of 2,000 people, and shows that not all women get ‘retail therapy’ from a spot of shopping.

In fact, in a supermarket environment, one third of ladies get themselves into a complete flap every time they do the weekly shop.

And this is despite being organised and armed with shopping lists, money off-coupons, tissues, vouchers and recycled carrier bags.

In contrast, three quarters of men quite enjoy their food shopping experience, and are happy to navigate their way around the aisles searching out products.

In fact, men are generally less forgetful about what they want to buy, are less likely to feel rushed by the cashiers and are more methodical at the checkouts.

Helen Nunn, head of marketing at The Co-operative Food, said: “We suspect one of the key reasons why women are more agitated in the supermarket is largely because they are rushing round trying to conduct the shopping as quickly as possible.

“Doing the food shop will be one item on a massive list of jobs, and something which simply has to be done at speed.

“Men seem to adopt a much more laid back and methodical approach, taking their time looking for bargains and make sure they’re getting the most for their money.”

The survey shows two thirds of females dislike battling the crowds in the supermarket to get at what they want, and 34 per cent hate it when other people’s children get in their way.

One in 10 women even admitted to having an argument with another shopper in the supermarket – either because of trolley rage, fighting over the same item or queue jumping.

Four in 10 women can’t stand feeling rushed when the cashier scans items too quickly so they struggle to get everything into the right bags.

And 35 per cent claim they are shocked every time they reach the till and realise how much they have spent.

But the poll suggests women ARE the savvier shoppers – as they are less baffled by all the different brands in the shop and are more likely to ask for help if needed.

As a consequence, eight in 10 women always come home armed with bargains compared to 67 per cent of men.

And whereas 51 per cent of men are most likely to opt for brands they know the best, 26 per cent of women will simply buy anything which appears on offer.

But men are happy to use technology to get what they want in the supermarket – being more likely to whip out their mobile phone to compare prices or download vouchers as they shop.


> Having to battle the crowds to reach products

> Struggle to pack bags quickly enough

> Getting to the end of the supermarket and realising something is forgotten

> Shocked to discover how much everything has added up to

> Can’t stand other people’s children

> Feel rushed by cashiers as they scan the food too quickly

> Spend hours hunting for the most basic items

> End up squashing all the soft items with the heavy ones I the shopping trolley

> Having to shop on a Saturday

> Can’t fit everything into the trolley