Who ate all the pies at pub’s Great British Bake off event?

MBTC Ampthill Great British Bake Off
MBTC Ampthill Great British Bake Off

Pie-eyed pub-goers raised nearly £500 for the Macmillan Cancer Fund with Bedfordshire’s equivalent of The Great British Bake Off at the weekend.

The Queen’s Head in Ampthill was packed as people queued to sample the 19 pies entered for this year’s contest.

An Ampthill Clanger won the Savoury first prize for Kim Ash, while Sheryl York won the sweet section with her Baked Ricotta.

Landlord Richard Hammond, 56, said: “Crumbs, they were both very tasty indeed. Love at first bite.”

The under-16 prize went to schoolgirl Roshni Patel for her Piemosa offering.

Richard said: “The total of 19 pies entered this year was slightly down on previous years. But the standard was as high as ever.

“Who ate all the pies? Well some of my regulars have big appetites – and big bellies to match!”

Regulars were invited to make a donation to the charity before wolfing down the pies while the local Redbornstoke Morris Men danced in the street outside.

And local businesses chipped in with prizes for a raffle to raise more money for the cancer charity – with some hilarious results including a bald man who won a free haircut at the town’s Dr Barber’s salon and

the teetotaler who ended up with a bottle of wine.

The festivcal was the 11th held after two of the Queen’s Head regulars came up with the idea to compete with Woburn’s Oyster Festival.

One event ended up in controversy with claims that the prize had been given to the wrong person.

But Richard insisted: “I found not a crumb of evidence of any skullduggery. By the time I investigated it had all been eaten.”