Whigs and Lib Dems announce candidates in MP battle for Mid Beds

Two new candidates have been announced in the battle for the MP seat in Mid Beds.
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Both will be up against former I’m a Celebrity contestant and author Nadine Dorries, from the Conservative Party.

A political party founded in 1678 that is making a comeback in British politics has announced 47 year old John Guinn as its candidate for the area.

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Married John, of Tingrith, has spent most of his life living in Beds and attended schools in Westoning, Flitwick and Ampthill.

Linda Jack - Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for Mid Beds.Linda Jack - Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for Mid Beds.
Linda Jack - Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for Mid Beds.

He said: “I am standing because, like most people, I am fed up with the behaviour of the major political parties.

“As I saw it, there were only two options. I could either stand on the side-lines, sharing my displeasure with the way things are by posting on social media, or I could have a go at bringing in a fairer society to the UK.

“When I came across the revived Whig Party and saw its values, the decision was made, and here I am.”

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The Whigs have pledged to provide a fresh choice to British people in the May General Election and aims to show that everyone can get into politics.

Linda Jack - the woman who famously brandished a set of pink fluffy handcuffs to warn against the coalition in May 2010 - has been appointed as the Liberal Democrats’ hopeful.

She also ran in 2010 and went for the elected job of police commissioner in 2012.

Linda, who was a Bedford Borough councillor for five years, said: “If elected I will not be taking time off while the house is sitting to go to the jungle. I will not be employing members of my family.

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“I will be a full time servant for all my constituents, working with the Lib Dems for a society where everyone can get on in life, regardless of their background or circumstances.”

Chairman of Central Beds Lib Dems Richard Kennedy said: “We were delighted and honoured that Linda agreed to stand as our candidate in the election.

“She is a national figure in the Liberal Democrat Party and has made many contributions at Liberal Democratic Conference and to internal policy committees.

“She lives in Mid-Bedfordshire and knows the challenges the constituency faces.”

Also standing in Mid Beds are Labour’s Charlynne Pullen, Gareth Ellis from the Green Party and UKIP’s Nigel Wickens.