Westfield pupils design and make products for their own businesses

Westfield School, Bedford, Enterprise Week.
Westfield School, Bedford, Enterprise Week.

Pupils at Westfield School in Bedford have had a first hand experience of the cut and thrust of business.

Enterprise Week was held at the school as part of their annual cross-curricular week and this year all pupils took part in design and business activities.

They planned a business activity that involved designing, making and selling a product, which culminated in a fayre at the end of the week where each group sold their products to fellow pupils and members of the community.

Head teacher Karen Watts was delighted how enthusiastic the pupils were and the quality of the wide range of goods that they produced during the week. She said: “All the groups really engaged in the project. They thoroughly enjoyed working together to plan what they were going to produce and how best to display, promote and sell the finished goods at the event. It was a great first hand learning experience where they could follow a whole business process from start to finish.”

Products on sale included stress balls, badges, fridge magnets, birdhouses and snacks.

Other activities during the week included an alternative sports day where pupils get the opportunity to try different sports.