Wear something orange for life-savers of Magpas

Magpas Helimedix air ambulance.
Magpas Helimedix air ambulance.

Help life-saving medics Magpas on Friday, May 15 by wearing something orange for the day, and raise cash.

From a tie, to socks, to a bright orange jump suit, as long as it’s orange you can wear it.

You just need to a minimum of £1 to take part.

A Magpas spokeswoman said: “Your school, business or organisation can get involved and help spread the lifesaving word.

“If the 15th May doesn’t work for you, then you can always make Magpas Orange Day any day!

“Please help us continue to bring A&E care by land and by air to patients in life threatening situations, in the East of England and beyond. Thank you.

For more information about how to sign up, contact the Fundraising Team on 0300 321 4971 (at the cost of a local call) or via email: info@magpas.org.uk