‘We’re still queuing at Black Cat roundabout’

The Black Cat roundabout.
The Black Cat roundabout.

The new-look Black Cat roundabout on the A1 is now open after months of improvement works.

However, motorists who have taken to Facebook to voice their disappointment, say the works have not solved congestion problems.

Karl Maskell said: “A complete waste of money, even on Sunday there were long queues southbound. I cannot see any improvement.”

While Ian Adamson said: “Went through there on Saturday, the queues southbound were as long as ever.”

The Highways Agency is adamant that the changes will help in the long term.

Project manager, Mark Saunders, said: “We will remain on site to check the traffic signals are working with the flow of traffic.

“Drivers should notice a difference to their journeys now as the opening of the new roundabout was an important step in finishing work on the project.”

Improvements include the introduction of traffic signals to ease congestion and the widening of lanes approaching the roundabout.

Unimpressed Facebook user Anna Infield said: “A fly over should have been done years ago instead of wasting more money and time. Listen to the drivers.”