Watch out - there's a camera about - the top 10 Bedfordshire hotspots

The UK's speeding hotspots and the locations of the country's most active speed cameras have been revealed by new research - and Bedfordshire has the second highest number of drivers caught.

A freedom of information request to forces across the UK has uncovered where drivers are most likely to be caught and fined as well as revealing the shocking excess speeds of some drivers.

The data shows that the worst offender caught in Bedfordshire so far in 2018 was a driver on the M1, who was recorded doing 53mph above the posted speed limit. In 2017 a driver as clocked doing 125mph on Airport Way in Luton, 75mph above the speed limit and in 2016 the highest figure was a driver on the A505 bypass from Tilsworth, clocked doing 123moh in a 50mph limit.

The research, which allows users to view the data for their local force, was carried out by comparison site GoCompare. It found that Avon and Somerset police recorded by far the most speeding offences at 386,969 recorded offences. Bedfordshire Police recorded 143,052

Two cameras in Bedfordshire – on the M1 and A1081 are in the list of ten most active speed cameras in the country.

The top 10 speed cameras for 2016-18 are:

M1 Motorway 2016 10,339

A1081 Airport Way, South West bound 2017 10,024

A1081 Airport Way, North East bound 2017 7,243

M1 Motorway 2017 7,013

M1 Motorway 2018 4,675

M1 Motorway 2017 4,658

M1 Motorway 2016 4,370

M1 Motorway 2018 3,699

Drovers Way, towards Houghton Regis 2016 3,496

Drovers Way, towards West Street 2016 2,887

The A603 at Moggerhanger and Leighton Road in Woburn were also found to be expensive traps for speeding drivers.

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