Wartime murder mystery woven into modern day story by local author

Author Diana Jackson with her book Murder Now And Then, set in Mid Bedfordshire
Author Diana Jackson with her book Murder Now And Then, set in Mid Bedfordshire

A book signing by the author of a local murder mystery novel is being held at Bedford’s Swan Hotel.

Murder Now and Then, written by Diana Jackson, is set in Mid Bedfordshire and based on an unsolved myster from World War One.

Who killed a Mid Bedfordshire Farmer and how is it linked to a murder in Wilstead Woods in 1919?

Diana has woven a modern day murder scenario into a real life WW1 unsolved mystery

When farmer Bob, a former student of Shuttleworth College is found stabbed - who is responsible?

Suspects include a Canadian staying at the Bedford Swan Hotel, a military man with links to Haynes, and the woman who has studied IT for beginners at Bedford College - then there is the blonde visitor from Jersey.

Diana has set her third book close to her home in Bedfordshire and features local landmarks such as the Cardington airship sheds, the Shuttleworth Collection and several local pubs.

She ties in a real unsolved murder mystery dating back to 1919 with a fictional modern homicide - both to be tackled by 21st Century police.

The Mid Bedfordshire story has something of Midsomer Murders, with the benefit for local folk of being set in familiar surroundings.

The book cover has been designed by students from North Herts College. A book signing will be held in the library at the Swan Hotel on Monday, August 3, from 2pm until 3pm.

The price of £5 includes tea/coffee and cake in the library.

Book st Bedford Swan Hotel on 01234 346565 or email dianamaryjackson.co.uk for further information

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