Walk this way for happy dogs and cats

Toni Wing from Whiskers & Tails Pet Sitting & Dog Walking.
Toni Wing from Whiskers & Tails Pet Sitting & Dog Walking.

A cat rescuer is helping to keep pets in their own homes while their owners are out at work or on holiday.

Toni Wing, who has three cats of her own which she rescued from the streets, is offering an alternative to sending pets away to catteries and kennels.

The founder of Whiskers & Tails Pet Sitting & Dog Walking said: “I’ve spoken to dozen of pet owners recently and the most common issue I come across is that they don’t want their pets to get stressed out while they’re away, and they also want to know that they can fully trust whoever is looking after them whilst they’re gone.

“That’s why I decided to find a solution and start this business, to start putting big smiles on the faces of animals in and around Bedford.”

As well as pet sitting Toni, of Brickhill, Bedford, prides herself on offering one-to-one dog walking sessions.

Unlike many dog walkers she does not take pooches out in a group and sticks to the routines of owners.

Toni said: “I will take a customer’s dog out and it will be one-on-one.

“We pride ourselves on being a high quality dog sitting service.

“Bedford’s furry creatures are absolutely loving it. Each day I arrive, they’re either waiting at the door anxiously for their walkies and then normally I get greeted with huge leaps onto me.

“They see it as fun time and so do I.”

To find out more call 01234 953991, email hello@whiskerstails.co.uk or visit www.whiskerstails.co.uk.