Village home almost completely destroyed in ‘tragic’ and ‘intense’ fire

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A serious fire in Haynes Silver End has left the house 75 per cent destroyed.

The blaze started on Friday (August 19) morning, when a shed fire in Howard Close, Haynes Silver End was reported to the fire service.

Fire crews from Bedford and Kempston attended, but when they arrived eleven minutes later, they found that the fire had spread from the shed to the back of the house itself.

Station Commander Trevor Gradwell-Smith, said: “When the first crews arrived the fire was already well-developed at the rear of the property and was spreading quickly. Unfortunately flames had gotten into the roof space which meant the fire could spread across the top of the house.

“Within minutes of our arrival the roof collapsed into the house, causing the fire to spread throughout the property. It also ignited a 500 litre heating oil storage tank which had just been filled, giving it extra fuel and increasing its intensity.

“It took us some time to get the fire under control, while also protecting other houses around it from the intense heat and flames.

“The home owner was present and he sustained minor burns which were treated at the scene, we are currently undertaking a fire investigation into the cause of the incident.

“I’d like to thank the crews for their incredible work in containing what was a rapidly spreading fire, protecting the surrounding properties from the intense heat and preventing the blaze spreading further than it did.

“Our sympathies are with the householders whose home has been so tragically affected.”

This is the second serious house fire in Haynes Silver End, following an incident on August 8, and a fire investigation into the cause is being carried out.