VIDEO: Photographer has his first exhibition all stitched up

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A Bedford photographer is to hold his first exhibition of work with pictures that have been ‘stitched’ together.

Keith Malone, known locally for his work in portraits, youth sport and corporate commissions, discovered a technique called “stitching” ­which is joining several images of a scene to form one long image.

Keith Malone.

Keith Malone.

It was while on a motorcycle touring holiday in Italy that he couldn’t get an ideal shot of Lake Como, so took a series of images with which to try out the technique.

This he did on returning to the UK and was so pleased with the result he’s now shot several landscapes using this technique.

Keith said: “Although the initial stitching is done using specialised computer software, this is followed by a fair amount of work using Adobe Photoshop to resolve small glitches and enhance the final image.”

Eight of these images form his first exhibition with the biggest, a San Francisco skyline, measuring 90 x 17 inches!

All the prints are made using a particular combination of paper and ink that should ensure an image life of at least 75 years.

Keith has been taking photographs professionally for more than 40 years following a five-year photography course at Harrow College of Technology and Art.

In those days he used studio cameras that took 5x4 inch film and studio lights had large tungsten bulbs in them.

Now it’s all digital imaging and studio flash units but Keith readily admits that without the digital age, he couldn’t do most of the work he does now.

The exhibition is being held at Pensieri in Castle Lane, Bedford, a coffee boutique that has been hosting local artists’ work since it opened over four years ago and also sells gifts and designer jewellery.

Keith’s exhibition runs from now until Wednesday, March 5, and can be viewed from 8.30am until 5.30pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 9am until 2pm on Sundays.