VIDEO: Disgraced bus driver who honked horn during Remembrance service returns to work

A bus driver who caused outrage when he honked his horn and attempted to drive through a Remembrance Day parade has been reinstated.

His disrespectful behaviour was caught on camera by a member of the public.

Bus driver interupts Cranfield remembrance.

Bus driver interupts Cranfield remembrance.

The driver ignored police officers and tried to drive down a closed road in Cranfield and sounded his horn during the two minute silence.

An eyewitness told the T&C at the time that the bus had passed a ‘road closed’ sign and continued moving towards the village war memorial despite police community support officers trying to stop it.

The driver was suspended for his actions in Cranfield on November 11. The bus firm apologised and a full investigation was carried out.

The employee has now been reinstated.

Uno Buses managing director James Thorpe said: “The driver in question is extremely regretful and apologetic about the incident and was advised about the effect and upset his actions had caused.”

The firm made a £300 donation to the Cranfield branch of the Royal British Legion.