US school thinks our set was a Beauty!

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A spectacular set in one Bedford school’s play has attracted interest from across the pond.

Following the success of their recent production of Beauty and the Beast, Bedford Modern School were contacted by staff from The Covenant Day School in North Carolina who had seen pictures of their elaborate set.

The US school are putting on their own production of the classic tale in February and wanted tips on how to make it look just as good.

Performance arts technician Nick Parker, who created the set for Bedford Modern School’s show, said: “It was a relatively simple set to build and the whole set was built and painted over the course of a weekend.

“The orchestra was situated behind the castle and the Beast’s room had a platform approximately four feet lower situated behind it with a crash mat on it which was used in the final scene where Gaston falls to his death.”

He added: “With no way of flying scenery in front of the castle the village scenes were simply set in front and we used lighting to show the change in location – this was one of the reasons why we painted the castle in such dark colours and kept furniture and decoration to a minimum – so that it would blend into the background as much as possible.”

The Covenant Day School has a fast growing fine arts programme and approached Bedford Modern School to ask for photographs of the set and castle design.

A representative for the school said: “We are working on set design ideas and loved the great job that Bedford Modern School did.”