Two councillors resign from their parties ahead of General Election

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Two councillors have resigned from their political parties ahead of the General Election.

Councillor Caroline Fensome has left the Conservative Party after four years representing the Castle ward in Bedford, while Councillor Phil Merryman has distanced himself from the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Merryman’s resignation came days after he was not re-selected to stand in Goldington. Two new candidates - Lorna Marchant and Richard Harrison - have been appointed.

Lib Dem group leader Councillor Wendy Rider said: “We are surprised and disappointed that Phil has designed to resign from the group. However, he had already not been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Goldington for this year’s elections. Last week two excellent candidates were selected for goldington ward following the usual procedures by the local party.

“Sadly these things do often happen in the run-up to an election, when people are not standing for re-election.”