Two Bedford schools to work together to provide “excellent” education

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Two schools have today joined forces to provide education to children in the area.

Following a period of ‘managed dialogue’ Rushmoor School and St Andrew’s School in Bedford will now bring their expertise together to ensure pupils continue to receive excellent education and care into the future.

Existing governors from both schools will oversee the governance and work for the mutual benefit of each school.

The schools will be led by one principal Ian Daniel, the current headteacher of Rushmoor School.

He will be supported by a new head of school at St Andrew’s Hilary Ryan, and a highly experienced leadership team across the two sites. Mr Daniel said: “This is excellent news for the children and parents of our schools and much work has been undertaken over the summer to ensure this is a smooth process and that all parents, pupils and staff can be confident of the continued success of both Rushmoor and St Andrew’s.

“It will be business as usual from day one and most lessons will continue to be delivered by the same teachers, from the same classrooms, within the existing timetables.

“Of course, this does present us with excellent opportunities to improve and increase the number of co-educational activities including music, drama, sports and enrichment provision.”

He added: “Rushmoor and St Andrew’s have their own unique characteristics and it is important that we use this opportunity to maximise and bring together the very best of both schools under a shared family ethos and one strong vision.

“I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has been involved in this exciting development and look forward to working with the St Andrew’s team and meeting the pupils and parents from St Andrew’s.”

“St Andrew’s pupils will not experience any immediate changes to timetable, teaching, class sizes, uniform or fee structure.

“This is an exciting time. The two schools have unique qualities in teaching and learning, together with an excellent reputation for pastoral care.

“Under the guidance of the highly experienced governing body and leadership team this development will provide an excellent learning environment for pupils now and into the future.”