Trench warfare next subject in RBL series of talks

Trench Warfare talk at Harpur Suite.
Trench Warfare talk at Harpur Suite.

The next talk in the series of RBL Commemorative Lectures is to be given by Richard Knight, a military historian, on Monday, April 11, at 7.30pm in the Harpur Suite, Bedford.

The talk will consider life in the trenches and will cover

Recruitment - Underage enlistment, training of the new recruit, uniforms & equipment issued.

Contents of a soldiers’ equipment

Eating and washing in the front line trench.

The winter of 1915 and the cold weather clothing issued & non issued, (great coat and goat skin).

The very first gas attack on 22 April 15 and the effects that the gas had on the men, makeshift ways of reducing effect of gas

Everyday life in the front line, sleeping during the day and working at night.

Restricted movement, repairing of the front line, barbwire.

Sending men on a trench raid and the importance of obtaining information.

Show the many types of trench clubs & fighting knifes

Demonstration of many different types of hand grenades used from 1914 to 1918.

Diseases from rats, lice etc.

The use of artillery and explain how a shrapnel shell works.

Richard started Khaki-on-Campaign Living History more than 15 years ago, and his reproduction uniforms and equipment company over 25 years ago.

He takes his Living History presentation into schools as well as many public events around the country.

He has supplied WW1 & WW2 uniforms and equipment for many re-enactment groups, museums, and involved as military historical adviser in several TV and film projects in Canada and the UK.

He is also a battlefield guide taking mainly schools around the battlefields of Ypres in Belgium and the Somme in France. Tickets £5/£4 from Bedford Corn Exchange or call 01234 718044.