Trekkers launch fundraising bid for Nepalese families who offered them shelter following devastating earthquake

A couple who were stranded in Nepal following the country’s first earthquake two weeks ago have launched a fundraising bid to help the families who gave them shelter and food.

Kempston firefighter Clive Wilkinson and wife Heather were in the remote village of Briddim on the Tamang Heritage Trail in the Rasuwa District when the devastating earthquake hit.

They were taken in by families there who, following the terrifying quake slept in tents, as their homes had been destroyed or damaged by the massive tremors.

Heather said: “After the earthquake hit they provided us with shelter, food and generally looked after us while we were stranded.

“They had lost everything but they were still reaching out and looking after us.”

Clive has been sponsoring a Nepalese girl’s education for more than 10 years and she is currently at college. He and Heather were relieved to discovered that she was uninjured in the initial earthquake and the subsequent quake that hit the country this week.

The pair, who live in Shefford, have set an initial fundraising target of £5,000 to get immediate emergency aid to the remote village, after which they plan to continue to support the families through fundraising.

“It is going to be a long term thing,” said Heather. “They need to rebuild their lives. They helped us and we want to be able to return that kindness and generosity.”

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