Trapped woman used blankets to keep smoke at bay during blaze

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A woman trapped in a house fire was instructed over the phone to put blankets against her bedroom door to keep the smoke at bay.

Beds Fire Service were called to Wootton at 2.32am this morning (Tuesday), and while crews drove to the single storey property, Fire Control gave her vital advice on preventing the fumes penetrating where she was cornered.

Firefighters from Kempston and Bedford Community Fire Stations arrived within minutes of the call to Potters Cross.

They found that a man had made his escape through a window from the house, but the woman remained trapped in the bedroom.

The fire was well alight in the living room and crews donned breathing apparatus to protect themselves from the smoke and fumes.

They forced their way through the front door of the house, making their way through the smoke-filled house to the bedroom where the woman was trapped.

They rescued her from the burning building while others tackled the blaze using two fire hoses and a covering jet.

The fire was out by 3am and caused about 20% fire damage to the lounge and 60% smoke damage.

The woman was treated by the ambulance service and both she and the man were taken to hospital.

Firefighters used positive pressure ventilation to clear smoke form the building.

Station Commander Jason Gell said: “While we were on our way staff in Control gave her advice about how to prevent smoke entering the room by putting blankets against the door and talked to the man outside.

“When they arrived firefighters made entry to the house through the front door to rescue the woman who was trapped. I’d like to congratulate them for the courage and the speed in which they acted. Everyone did a great job this morning.”

A fire investigation will take place today.