THREE roads for Bedford motorists to avoid this week

One of them could cause delays of up to 30 minutes

By Reporter
Monday, 17th January 2022, 3:23 pm

Bedford' s motorists will have three road closures to avoid nearby on the National Highways network this week.

And one of them is expected to cause delays of between 10 and 30 minutes.

Two closures already in place are expected to carry on this week:

Just three roads to avoid this week

• A1, from 9pm January 10 to 5am January 22, slight delays (under 10 minutes): A1 northbound and southbound, Baldock to Biggleswade, Lane closure for Horticulture (Cutting and Planting) on behalf of Ringway.

• A1, from 10pm December 15 2021 to 5am January 25 2022, moderate delays (10-30 minutes): A1 northbound, Sandy Roundabout to Black cat Roundabout carriageway closure and diversion route due to emergency structure - maintenance works on behalf of National Highways.

And one more closure will begin over the next seven days:

• A428, from 9pm January 17 to 5am January 19, slight delays (under 10 minutes): A428 between Barford Road roundabout and Potton Road Bridge. Works under traffic signals for maintenance works on behalf of Shift traffic.