Plea for more safety measures on A507 in Bedfordshire

An appeal has been made for more safety measures along part of the A507 in Bedfordshire.

By Euan Duncan
Monday, 25th January 2021, 12:21 pm
Updated Monday, 25th January 2021, 12:24 pm

It accounted for more than one in ten of the collisions attended by the county's fire and rescue service last year.

A section of the route was highlighted in a video as part of a road safety week theme, called No Need to Speed, which described several of the potential hazards.

Central Bedfordshire Council is being asked to prioritise the road for extra investment, as this project is unlikely to receive central funding.


Conservative Ampthill councillor Paul Duckett proposed a motion to the local authority saying: "This council recognises the inherent dangers posed by the A507 between Shefford and Millbrook.

"In light of a recent tragic fatality, as well as numerous accidents, the local authority agrees to work towards resolving the issue at black spots, such as Warren Lane and the Causeway at Clophill, Pine View Park in Maulden, and Station Road in Ampthill.

"The council also agrees to take heed of Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service's concerns and to use whatever funding means available, including Section 106 development contributions and green transport grants, to render this stretch of road safe for motorists and pedestrians alike."

At a full council meeting, councillor Duckett explained: "This stretch of the A507 has been a major issue for many years.

"I was told some years ago by Maulden Parish Council that we'd never achieve a 40mph stretch by Pine View Park. I did manage to do that.

"This particular motion addresses the broader picture where a whole suite of solutions needs to be delivered in the absence of major government funding.

"I would like the council to recognise those inherent dangers and to bring this issue way up the radar list, pretty much to the top.

"I know my two ward councillor colleagues are totally behind this, so it's a joint request to this council that you recognise that and action is taken."

Independent Ampthill councillor Mark Smith, who seconded the motion, said: "I wholeheartedly support its adoption.

"It's become increasingly clear to us that there are inherent dangers along this highlighted stretch of road.

"And I was pleased to get the support of fellow councillors in Flitwick and in Silsoe and Shillington to support a report I made to CBC highways regarding our concerns.

"I'm happy to say that's producing some results already, but further solutions need to be found."

The council agreed the motion should be referred to a future CBC traffic management meeting.

At the time of road safety week 2020, the county's chief fire officer Paul Fuller said: “We've produced a short film highlighting a stretch of the A507.

"This is a particularly dangerous piece of road and accounts for over ten per cent of the road traffic collisions we've attended this year.

“The film points out the key hazards drivers should be aware of when using this road.

“Always drive at a safe speed for the road conditions and never exceed speed limits.

"They're there for a reason to keep road users safe and save lives."