Luton Airport: Flights delayed and cancelled after overnight snowfall

Luton Airport DeparturesLuton Airport Departures
Luton Airport Departures
Check with your airline, advises Luton Airport

People planning on heading overseas are being advised to check ahead as overnight snow has grounded some flights from Luton Airport – while others are facing delays.

While the airport is “open and operational” is has been impacted by the weather and is advising people to check their flight status with their airline.

Here are the cancelled and delayed flights so far:

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Ryanair FR6639 to Lublin. Departure time 14.50, estimated 17.00.

Wizz W62206 to Budapest. Departure time 14.55, estimated 15.10.

Wizz W97792 to Pristina. Departure time 15.05. Cancelled.

Wizz W98129 to Tenerife South. Departure time 15.20, estimaged 17.00.

Wizz W93616 to Suceava. Departure time 15.35, estimated 19.30.

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easyJet EZY2417 to Naples. Departure time 15.50, estimated 16.30.

Wizz W63306 to Cluj Napoca. Departure time 15.50, estimated 16.30.

Wizz W94002 to Belgrade-Tesla. Departure time 15.50, estimated 22.55.

Ryanair FR6629 to Kerry. Departure time 16.05, estimated 18.15.

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easyJet EZY2113 to Krakow. Departure time 16.55, estimated 17.30.

easyJet EZY2045 to Zurich. Departure time 17.30, estimated 18.25.

Wizz W94471 to Tirana. Departure time 17.35, estimated 18.45.

Wizz W63004 to Bucharest-Otopeni. Departure time 17.55, estimated 18.55.

Wizz W95113 to Kosice. Departure time 18.40. Cancelled.

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Wizz W64459 to Larnaca. Departure time 19.35, estimated 20.00

easyJet EJU2163 to Amsterdam. Departure time 20.00. Cancelled.

Wizz W63010 to Bucharest-Otopeni. Departure time 20.40, estimated 22.00

You can check live departure updates at the Luton Airport website.

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