Gritters out on Bedford roads for the first time tonight

Road surface temperatures will drop to or below freezing tonight (November 4)

Thursday, 4th November 2021, 3:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th November 2021, 3:06 pm

Gritters are to take to the roads in Bedford tonight - in a clear sign that winter is on its way.

According to officials at Bedford Borough Council, road surface temperatures are expected to drop to or below zero tonight (November 4).

And that's cold enough to trigger gritting on the roads for the first time this autumn/winter.

Gritters will be out and about tonight

They will be out from 7pm.

The council has published maps of the routes it covers - including Priority 1 salting routes, Secondary salting routes, and footpath salting routes.

Announcing the move on Twitter, officials from the council said: "Tonight, it will be dry, leaving clear skies with just the occasional patch of cloud It will feel chilly, with north-westerly breeze. Road Surface Temps will fall away under clear skies tonight, falling to around or below zero."

The council is responsible for gritting roads to make sure all main routes on the network are safe and clear of snow and ice. It will also clear any snowfall and help keep local roads safe and clear for drivers.

Gritting is carried out when road temperatures drop below zero and when the roads are expected to be damp, and is done either after the evening or before the morning peak traffic periods.

However, during adverse weather conditions, it may have to grit at other times, even 24 hours around the clock if there is snow.

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