Town showcases talent with it’s first song book

BCA songbook launch PNL-150212-120814001
BCA songbook launch PNL-150212-120814001

The musical and artistic talents which abound in and around Bedford have come together to create the town’s first illustrated songbook.

The Bedford Song Book features the work of nine song-writers and nine artists and was launched with live performances of the music at the Harpur Suite.

BCA Bedford Song Book PNL-150212-122836001

BCA Bedford Song Book PNL-150212-122836001

The project is backed by Bedford Creative Arts, which, inspired by the artistic community, wanted Bedford to have a record of the skill, professionalism and talent that exists in their community.

A spokeswoman said: “The book recognises and embraces the folk values of arts and culture that are generated by and belong to us.”

The launch party saw the 30-member Bedford Arts Choir join the song-writers and musicians to perform each other’s tunes, with a special appearance by Bedford’s lone morris dancer, The Vulgar Morris.

The musicians and artists paired together are;

BCA songbook launch PNL-150212-120801001

BCA songbook launch PNL-150212-120801001

Rebecca de Winter and Emily Ross

Betty Frances and Kristian Purcell

Jack Sharp and Scarlett Tierney

Johnny Parry and Katie Allen

BCA songbook launch PNL-150212-120723001

BCA songbook launch PNL-150212-120723001

Grubby Mitts (Andy Holden)and Katie Allen

Martyn Shouler and Simon Abbott

Simon Gutteridge and Assim Heetun

Davy Willis and David Litchfield

Christian Webb and Kristina Bullen

The Cover Illustration was created by Marisa Straccia

Illustrator Kristina Bullen said: “Using music as a stimulus was a really exciting way of working and the end result is beautiful.”

Musicians Jack Sharp and Simon Gutteridge, who each wrote songs for the book, added: “The book and concert are fantastically inclusive...It’s such a great legacy”.

A limited edition of all songs and illustrations costs £30, from or in store at The Music Centre, Rogan Books, The Higgins.

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