Town gets vote after 20 years as more people step up for election

Mike Blair
Mike Blair

Voters in Ampthill will get to choose its town councillors for the first time in 20 years.

Recently, there have not been enough candidates standing for the 12 seats to warrant an election.

But this year, there are 13 people volunteering to serve their community.

Ampthill Mayor Mike Blair said although there hasn’t been an election for two decades, the council has not been made up of the same people all that time.

He said: “People have in the backs of their minds its a council which never changes. But in 2011, there were new councillors co-opted, including myself.”

Mr Blair discounted claims the town is “undemocratic”, adding over the past year, the council has been active in encouraging more people to stand for election.

It’s work has been sucessessful as 13 people are on the ballot for May 7.

Mr Blair said: “Thirteen will be unlucky for one but in Ampthill, we have been keen to get people involved.”

A full list of candidates for Ampthill town council, and all Central Bedfordshire parishes, towns and constituencies elections, is available from under the “council & democracy” link.