Toddler’s cancer fight has inspired fundraising efforts

Stanley Appleton
Stanley Appleton

The family of a brave toddler who has been fighting an aggressive form of cancer are raising funds to pay for a new clinical trial.

Stanley Appleton, who turns two next month, has been fighting high-risk neuroblastoma since he was 18 months old.

So far he has already endured intensive chemotherapy, and is set to undergo invasive surgery, high dose chemotherapy with stem cell transplantation, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and cis-retinoic acid therapy.

But while his treatment is due to be complete by next summer, parents Sarah and Paul from Flitwick know that there is a one-in-five chance the therapy will not work, and a 60 per cent chance his condition will relapse.

And so his family want the funds to be in place so he can access more treatment in the future which is not available on the NHS.

Sarah and Paul said: “Stanley wakes up smiling every day; his enthusiasm for life, despite his treatment, is inspirational.

“He truly is our hero, an absolute joy to be with and makes us ever more proud every single day. He’s already shown his strength, bravery and resilience by maintaining his happy character throughout his treatment so far. Stanley’s energy and zest for fun knows no bounds.

“It’s a long road ahead but we’re going to fight this as a family and we’re going to win.”

Stanley’s family are posting regular updates on his story on their Facebook page

And you can make a donation to their campaign at