Three hurt in buggy collision

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Breaking news

Three people were injured in a collision with a golf buggy during an air show at Shuttleworth yesterday.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Airfield Volunteer Fire Service helped three casualties following the incident at Shuttleworth Collection yesterday afternoon.

Firefighters gave trauma care to the three elderly casualties. One woman received a minor leg injury, one man received head injuries and the third leg and head injuries. Firefighters from both organisations cared for the injured until paramedics arrived and they were taken to hospital.

Watch Commander Martin Smith, from Shefford Community Fire Station, said: “As we were there to provide cover during the air show we were in a good position to react quickly following this incident. We have a good working relationship with the Airfield Volunteer Fire Service and worked extremely well together to care for those injured.”

Bedfordshire Firefighters from Shefford Community Fire Station were on duty during an air show at the Shuttleworth Collection together with the Airfield Volunteer Fire Service (AVFS).