Theraputic artworks adorn Borough Hall

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A group of mental health patients who create art as part of their therapy have been invited to show their work in Bedford Borough Hall.

The exhibition, called The Bigger Picture, features 42 artworks created by 15 members of the Milton Park Theraputic Campus.

Art tutor Deborah Hancock said: “The patients felt the title would effectively convey the belief that no matter how difficult their situation, they have not allowed it to stifle their creativity.

“Many find making art can help them to understand themselves. One of the artists summed up the spirit of this exhibition by saying: “It shows that we can do lots of things and that we’re not only people who struggle with things.”

The exhibition was bought to Bedford after Mayor Dave Hodgson saw the work last year and offered the group the Council Suite.

As the artists are deemed “vulnerable” they have remained anonymous but have spoken about what art as a therapy means to them.

One said: “Art is an example of personal expression; an idea of the person and their mind at the time.

“My sculpture ‘Thought Patterns’ shows a time when my mind was in flux. There’s the moment of inspiration, then there’s everything around it. The art interprets the state and flow of the mind.”

The campus, in Wyboston, is an independent hospital for people who experience mental health issues, and is part of Brookdale Care.

The exhibition is on until February 2.