'The heat is on, but we'll do it'

Uni lads take on huge challenge for good cause

Brave Bedford boys will hope to beat the heat in Africa when they cycle 200 miles in just two days.

In April, three students from the University of Bedfordshire will pedal push their way across Malawi in south-east Africa.

As part of a special charity project with Inspire Malawi, they will also teach school teachers new methods and skills to improve the standard of education.

Luke Taylor, 22, who is in the final year of his teacher training course, said: "The charity has been working with schools and teachers in Malawi, and as part of a special project we'll be going out there to take part in helping schools.

"It is a really good way to help and make a difference, as well as put theory to practice.

"We are all really excited more than nervous, but we are going to start training three times a week on bikes to prepare for the cycle ride."

The team going from the university will include Rikki Howard, aged 23, Ashley Yeomans,, 22, and two lecturers.

As a group they hope to raise 10,000.

Inspire Malawi was formed in 2003 after Michelle Rowe, a former student from the University of Bedfordshire, which was then a campus of De Montfort University, spent a gap year in Malawi working as a teacher.

Miss Rowe, 26, said it is a very worthwhile venture, and one which makes a huge difference.

She stated: "Before training as a teacher in 2003, I went

to Malawi as a volunteer teacher.

"It was a life changing gap year and when I returned I started to raise money to help teachers and schools out there.

"I began by helping to re-decorate some of the schools and classrooms, and that went really well and made a real difference to the quality of

teaching and education in Malawi."

Since starting the project she has gone on to help schools in Africa and improve the quality of teaching.

For more information, or to donate money to the good cause, visit the website at www.inspiremalawi.com