Temporary bus stop a ‘danger’


An incident at Bedford Bus Station which left a man needing stitches to his shin was an “accident waiting to happen” according to the victim’s son.

John Ryan, 64, from Shortstown, scraped the flesh off his leg as he tried to board a 
Stagecoach bus at a temporary stop.

His son, Brett Ryan, 40, who is trained in construction site health and safety, visited the bus station a few hours after the accident.

He said: “The street lights were out and it was pitch black. There was a fence in the road which prevented the bus from pulling up to the kerb, and the bus was not able to lower. So my father not only couldn’t see much, it was a high step up from road level, and he slipped.”

Brett said he contacted Bedford Borough Council the following day to let them know he thought the conditions at the temporary bus stop were dangerous. And while he spoke to the council three times, he said he is yet to hear if any action was taken.

Stagecoach East managing director Andy Campbell said: “It is true that we cannot always get directly into the kerb with the present temporary arrangements.

“Unfortunately, the bus is one of only five in the fleet which is not wheelchair compatible and it does not kneel. We are looking to replace these buses this year.

“We are sorry about the incident and sorry Mr Ryan was injured.”

A Bedford Borough Council spokesman said: “We are aware of an incident in which a passenger slipped whilst trying to board a bus on February 5. We understand Stagecoach has been in touch with the passenger concerned.

“Bedford Borough Council is working closely with Stagecoach to ensure the temporary arrangements surrounding bus stops are safe and clearly signposted as the final stages of the new bus station begin.”

John Ryan is now recovering from the accident.