Teacher at Bedford School banned following intimate relationship with pupil

Bedford School
Bedford School

A private school teacher has been banned for having sex with a diving instructor during a trip to Cuba and getting intimate with a pupil.

‘Young and inexperienced’ Hayley Dimmock, 28, went to the instructor’s room after a boozy party when she should have been making sure the students were in their rooms.

A misconduct hearing was told two other members of staff from Bedford School saw what was happening through a gap in the curtains and had to stop pupils walking past.

Chemistry teacher Dimmock also allowed a male pupil to run his hands up her ankle and inner thigh, touch her bottom and put her iPod in the front pocket of her shorts.

The panel heard that in total she was given four formal warnings during the trip in July 2014.

She was overly intimate with one particular pupil, put her hands around his shoulders, walked alone with him and had whispered conversations with him.

She then spent half an hour alone with the pupil at his home after returning to the independent boarding school, founded in 1552, where term fees are up to £9,654.

Dimmock, who studied at the University of Bedford, started work at the school in September 2012 but was fired in November last year after an investigation.

It was conducted by the school’s head of science, who had been on the trip and found Dimmock and the pupil had “too much physical contact”.

He suggested she had been “intimate with him for a while”.

A biology teacher also said they “witnessed Dimmock undertaking ‘intimate whispers’, private conversations and general touching with the pupil”.

Banning her from teaching indefinitely, the panel said: “By Ms Dimmock’s own admission she spent the night in the diving instructor’s room and therefore could not be supervising students.

“The panel found that Ms Dimmock’s conduct was a clear failure to safeguard and supervise students under her care.

“Having sexual relations while she was meant to be supervising students was a failure to adhere to professional boundaries.

“In addition, Ms Dimmock staying overnight in a room that was located close to students’ accommodation was also a clear failure to act within or adhere to professional boundaries, as it was possible that Ms Dimmock could have been seen or heard by students.”

Her drinking and having sex “could have led to students being exposed to or influenced by her inappropriate behaviour in a harmful way” and it ruled she had overstepped her “professional boundaries”.

Dimmock wrote a statement to the National College for Teaching and Leadership’s professional conduct panel.

She admitted her relationship with colleagues deteriorated and she spent most of her time with pupils and diving staff.

She said the “liaison” with the instructor had left her “embarrassed” but said she had been depressed after a relationship ended and felt colleagues did not help her.

Though she has been banned she can apply to be reinstated on the teaching register in three years.