Talk on William Beveridge at Bedford School


A talk based on family archives of William Beveridge, the man behind the creation of our welfare state, takes place in Bedford on Tuesday, February 7.

Beveridge of the Report: What was the man behind this famous report

really like? is the topic for Professor Jose Harris, Emeritus Professor of Modern History, Oxford, and expert on the history of social policy.

She will talk to the HA (Bedford branch of the Historical Association) at 7.30pm at Bedford School Library, de Parys Ave, Burnaby Road gate.

The Beveridge Report of 1942 was seen as one of the founding documents in the creation of the modern welfare state.

Little has been known about the personal life of the writer of the report, William Beveridge, until Professor Jose Harris was allowed access to his family archives. She asks ‘What was Beveridge really like?’

The Beveridge Report led to the establishment of a system of social security and the National Health Service after the end of the World War II.

The report provided a summary of principles necessary to banish poverty and ‘want’ from Britain - Beveridge’s mantra throughout the report was ‘Abolition of want’.

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