Survey reveals hospital staff are happy in their work at Bedford

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Health workers have put Bedford Hospital among the top 20 per cent in the country for staff motivation.

Survey results also ranks the hospital in the top 20 acute trusts for staff engagement and is among the top 20 per cent for staff feeling satisfied with the quality of work and patient care they are able to deliver and recommending Bedford Hospital as a place to work or receive treatment.

The questionnaire was carried out last summer when the same questions were also put to staff at other NHS hospitals.

Chief executive Stephen Conroy said: “The annual staff survey helps us to review and improve the experience of our staff working at the trust and gives us a benchmark of how we are doing as an employer and as a healthcare provider.

“There is a strong link between staff motivation, support and engagement and the quality of care our patients receive and these latest results are very encouraging. Our improvement on last year and our results compared to other hospitals across many areas shows that we are one of the best hospitals to work for.”

The survey showed that 75 per cent of Bedford Hospital staff would be happy with the standard of care provided if a friend or relative needed treatment there, which is 10 per cent above the national average.

A total of 63 per cent of workers said they would recommend the hospital as a place to work - the national average is 58 per cent.

And 74 per cent of staff said that the organisation acts on concerns raised by patients compared to a national average of 71 per cent.