Students present findings of survey to PCC after two-week internship studying police and justice system

PCC Olly Martins with interns.
PCC Olly Martins with interns.

Four university students who have been given a behind the scenes insight into the world of Bedfordshire policing have presented their findings from their two-week internship.

The quartet joined Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins’ team as interns to gain hands-on experience of the criminal justice system to enhance their future career prospects.

As part of the intensive course, the students were given training on film-making and public consultation techniques before being asked to devise their own survey which they carried out with local residents.

The findings of their work were presented to Commissioner Martins in a special documentary on Friday, August 15. The four students were Alex McAdam, Lisa Rumbold, Rachel Philpot and Leonora Guerra, who made their presentation at Kempston.

Mr Martins said: “This project has proved very worthwhile and has not only broadened the knowledge and skills of these very motivated young people but has also provided us with valuable feedback from our communities on some very important areas of policing.

“I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm demonstrated by these students and I think we have all learned from the experience. I’m sure, based on what I’ve seen, that they will do well.”

The survey is also available online and the public are invited to have their say by visiting