Student who filmed music video before ‘murderous attack’ gives evidence in Isaac Stone case

Isaac Stone
Isaac Stone

A media studies graduate from Bedfordshire University told a jury today (Wednesday) that he filmed a music video that is said to have led to a “murderous attack” which left one teenager dead and another with his nose amputated.

Kelvin Chidanti posted the amateur film entitled: “Go Missing” on YouTube at the request of Isaac Stone, 19, a rapper who performed under the name Dynamikk.

The video included shots of youths spraying alcohol over the name ‘Raz’ that had been painted on a wall off Midland Road, Bedford.

18 hours later Isaac Stone was chased, trapped and set upon by four men who punched him repeatedly, kicked him and stabbed him several times in Costin Street, Bedford.

His friend Shajidur Rahman, who was also in the video, suffered horrific injuries in the same attack. Four deep slashes were delivered to his head and face, with his nose effectively being amputated, Luton Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Vincent Coughlin QC said the motive for the “murderous attack” at 6.20pm a on Saturday, January 25 this year was not entirely clear, but he said the video that had been posted at midnight on the Friday had “upset someone.” He played the video to the jury saying: “It may not be to your taste and if it was ever released commercially would doubtless have carried a parental advisory warning, but we are not here to discuss its artistic merit.

In the witness box, Mr Chidanti, who gave evidence behind a screen, said Isaac Stone had approached him to make the video. Around 10 people met in Tavistock Street, Bedford on Saturday 18 January at around 10pm where they filmed for 3 hours, before going onto Midland Road at around half past one in the morning.

He edited the video and, on the Friday, he said Isaac was happy with the results and told him to put it on YouTube at midnight. Asked who had directed the film, Mr Chidanti said: “It was freestyle. There wasn’t any sort of direction.”

Mr Chidanti said Isaac, who wore a black Armani jeans T shirt top in the filming, had told him to film the alcohol being sprayed on the name Raz.

Mohammed Hussain, 22, of Maitland Road, Bedford, 19 year old Rubel Miah, of Costin Street, Bedford, his brother Javed Miah, 21, also of Costin Street, Bedford and Fahim Khan, 20, of Fenlake Road, Bedford, are all charged with murder, attempted murder and two counts of possession of an offensive weapon.

Opening the case, Mr Coughlin said: “These four defendants involved themselves in a fast-moving, violent and savage street brawl with another group of young males which left one of the opposing group dead and another severely mutilated.

“Isaac Stone was murdered in an attack that included the use of at least one bladed weapon. Although death was pronounced at hospital, he effectively died at the scene. During the same attack another male, Shajidur Rahman, who was with Stone, suffered horrific head and facial injuries from at least 4 long deep slashes with a meat cleaver. In the course of this attack, his nose was amputated.”

He said that “perhaps for show” some of the defendants had gone to Luton on the day of the killing to hire a white Range Rover for £150. Back in Bedford they went to a hardware shop in Greenhill Street, where they bought two meat cleavers for £2.99 each.

Isaac Stone, who was driving a white Corsa with Mr Rahman and two others passengers, encountered the other group in Costin Street.

Mr Coughlin said: “Isaac Stone was chased, trapped and set upon by all four defendants. He was punched repeatedly, kicked and stabbed several times. One witness described Stone in the midst of the onslaught appearing to look dizzy before he went to the ground. His left lung was penetrated and that proved fatal despite the swift arrival of paramedics. By the time he arrived at Bedford hospital there was no sign of a pulse and he was pronounced dead at 7.15pm.”

Three of the defendants made no comment when questioned by detectives. Fahim Khan said he was not responsible for the injuries and was acting in self defence.

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