Stuck battery left hole in boy’s nose

Arju Miah with his son Arif, from Bedford.
Arju Miah with his son Arif, from Bedford.

Little Arif Miah was taken to Bedford Hospital A&E after telling his father, Arju Miah, he had put the small battery up his nose, in mid-November.

Doctors helped Arif’s parents give him a “mother’s kiss” where a mother places her mouth over the child’s, closes the unblocked nostril and gently blows to dislodge any item.

Arju, from Bedford, says he asked for an x-ray but was told it was just a Rice Crispie and he should take his son home.

A fews days later, Arju took his son who was still in pain to see a GP, who prescribed antibiotics.

But last week, as Arif began to have trouble breathing, he was take to A&E again and was eventually operated on under general anaesthetic to remove the battery. As the battery had begun corroding, it left a hole inside Arif’s septum.

Arju said: “If they had taken us seriously in the first place, none of this would have happened. A simple x-ray would have shown the battery and they could have removed it immediately.”

A hospital spokesman said: “Arif first attended A&E with his parents on November 11 with a suspected foreign body up one of his nostrils. Staff were able to remove an object and checked that the nasal airways were clear. The parents were advised to see their GP if they had any further concerns.

“We have no record of a watch battery being mentioned by his parents on this occasion; had this been mentioned he would have been referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist immediately for further investigation.

“Arif’s parents have not approached us regarding the care he received, so we would welcome them to contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) so that we can look into this matter further.”