Stay safe in Bedfordshire this Bonfire Night

Remember, remember first aid in November: St John Ambulance issues simple first aid advice as Bedfordshire prepares for Bonfire Night celebrations.

Leading first aid charity St John Ambulance is urging everyone to learn some basic first aid skills ahead of the Bonfire Night celebrations.

St John Ambulance volunteers will be attending firework events across Bedfordshire so that anyone who needs first aid gets it quickly.

However, injuries are much more likely to occur at private parties, where trained volunteers won’t be on hand to help.

Statistics show that thousands of people will visit A&E every year for treatment of a firework-related injury, but with some basic first aid skills, everyone can be prepared to help in a firework first aid emergency.

Steve Hampson, St John Ambulance’s east region operations manager, said: “St John Ambulance is keen that people enjoy Bonfire Night but don’t end their celebrations in hospital.

Fireworks and bonfires can provide fun and entertainment for families at a time of year when the evenings are rather dark and gloomy.

“They literally light up the sky.

“Our volunteers will be on hand to provide expert first aid assistance at public displays across the region but if you are organising a private event, you need to know what to do if there is a first aid emergency.

“For example, if someone suffers a burn injury, it’s important to take immediate action to prevent them from going into shock or suffering long-term damage.”

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