Statues hold a host of history

Glenn Miller bust in Bedford.
Glenn Miller bust in Bedford.

The Silent Faces of Bedford is the title of this weekend’s guided walk.

Some of the most interesting features in any town are its statues and memorials, the Bedford Association of Tour Guides will tell you when they lead the walk.

They often say a great deal about the history of the community and although they cannot tell their own story, the tour guide who will be leading the walk this Sunday will be able to tell you the facts behind the historic structures.

For example, the war memorial and why it is located where it is, and also why the bust of Glenn Miller is placed in front of the Corn Exchange in St Paul’s Square.

Do you know the building in which the architect placed a stone carved bust of himself to form the keystone above the front door of his house?

Who or what is Compton’s Horse and where would you look to find reference to it in Bedford?

If you want to find out more, book to join The Silent Faces guided walk of Bedford which will leave the war memorial on The Embankment at 11am on Sunday, August 2.

The walks are very popular and booking is essential by calling the Travel and Tourist Information Centre on 01234 718112. The cost is £3 for adults with reductions for children.