Slimmer to have beard trimmed on target weight day

A Bedford man is busy trimming off weight and growing a beard to help a charity supporting families.

Tuesday, 28th November 2017, 6:45 pm

Neil Cox is fundraising for FACES (Family and Children’s Early-help Services) a charity in town offering practical and emotional support to families under stress.

His target is to lose 4 stones by December 14 after slimming since August, and have the beard shaved off when he hits his target weight.

Neil, who hopes to raise a minimum of £500, said: “Having recently separated from my wife I found myself living alone for the first time in my life. I missed her and our two dogs desperately. Initially I did not cope well at all and I found comfort in food. Already being overweight this was going to become a major problem.

“I also had a blood test result which showed a possible liver problem and this scared the heck out of me. I had a scan and all turned out to be ok and the dodgy blood test was put down to the stress I had been under. My life felt like it was spiralling downwards. I realized I needed to make some positive changes to snap out of my situation. I booked a holiday of a lifetime to Niagara Falls and New York as something to focus on and look forward to.”

But Neil also went back to Slimming World and a group run by Danielle who, along with her social team, helped him start his self improvement process.

He also decided to grow a ‘Grizzly Adams’ style beard and has booked a hot towel cut throat razor shave at Just Jeeves in Bedford for the big day.

He decided to fundraise for FACEs as they “stood out to me immediately as they are set up to help people who have issues not too different to my own.”

FACES offer practical and emotional support to families under stress by recruiting and training volunteers who work alongside one of their practitioners in delivering a unique menu of tailored services directly to a family, in their own home.

They aim to support families during difficult periods in their lives, especially where this will contribute to keeping children with their families. Their objectives include working in partnership with parents to promote the well-being of each family as a whole and enabling families to manage their affairs with increased confidence and independence.

Donations can be made at